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Reasons why you should rent a car to travel

There are a wide range of transportation methods you may choose from when travelling in New Zealand, from bus, plane, campervan, etc... And here, we've got some reasons to show you why you should choose to rent a car to travel.

Road trip/ Elements Rentals


When comparing to the public transports like buses or trains, travelling in your own car will definitely brings you more freedom. You can drive wherever you want and stop whenever you want. If you've got a campervan, you can even stop and sleep all over the country!

Plenty of choices

In New Zealand, there are a huge amount of car or campervan rental companies available. Each of them are coming with a variety of models and choices that you will finally find your perfect ride for the trip.

Access to newer vehicle model

Car rental companies are generally renting cars of newer vehicle models. With the newer and better attributes, it ensures you a easier and safer drive. Beside these, the vehicles should be more fuel efficient as their gas consumption are much lower than the older model.

No need to worry about maintenance

Unlike owning a car, you won't need to worry about the cost of mechanical failures or repairs. All the maintenance works is already been done before you get your car. You can just drive your car away without concerns. And the insurance packages offered by the car rental companies will generally going to cover almost everything that may happen to the car. In other words, even your car failed in the middle, instead of having to deal with the maintenance stuffs, you can still get back to your journey.

Elements Rentals logo/ Elements Rentals

In Elements Rentals, our vehicles are of all inclusive design and are fuel economic, which aims to ensure you an unforgettable experience in New Zealand. Check out more now.

Would you prefer to rent or buy a car? Or you've got your own way of traveling in New Zealand? Comment and share with us!

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