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5 tips for driving on the left side of the road

When you're used to drive on the right hand side all of your life, it can feel a bit horrible to hit the roads of New Zealand and drive on the left. We gathered some tips for you, so you'd feel more confidential to start your journey.

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1. Study road rules beforehand

There might be some differences to your country's rules, so naturally it's important to know the rules of driving in New Zealand. And you'll feel more confidential when you actually know what to do in different situations and that would be one less thing to worry about driving in other side of the road.

New Zealand Transportation Agency has very good website and you probably will found an answer to all your questions about driving in NZ there. Check the link to Road Code, from there you can find so much information! Including all the road signs, rules to giving way and much, much, much more! They also have a booklet for foreign drivers, it's available in 11 different languages. Did you already check their video about driving in NZ on our webpage?

2. Rent an automatic

To get one less thing to worry about, rent an automatic vehicle and you don't need to think about changing gears, when the stick is located on your left. Might be more expensive but hassle free! When using an automatic, remember the golden rule, and use only one foot for driving, there is no a clutch pedal!

3. Don't start your journey from city centre

Cities are so stressful to drive - even in your own country with your own car. But think how bad it is when your driving on the other side of the road for the first time with an unknown vehicle. So try to hire your car from a suburb or airport. If you need to drive in cities, we recommend to avoid the rush hours.

4. Always look right first

When you're exiting a parking place for example, remember to check the right side first before going. That's the way which the others are coming. If you find hard to remember this one, you can always look each ways couple of times to be sure no one is coming.

5. Keep left on multilane roads

It's easier to remember which side to drive when you stay always left, unless if you're trespassing someone. It's also good for you when driving in an unknown place because the exits are on the left, so you don't need to worry about getting the exit on time.

+1 Ultimate Golden Rule

When you're driving on the left side just remember, you're doing it right when you're located in the center of the road. So simple and it ensure you never end up driving on the wrong lane!

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Photo from RadioNZ.


There was our Top 5 tips driving on the left. Do you have something to add? Comment below!

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